About - Wayne Agnew

About Me

One of the best things in life is meeting new people, going to new places and experiencing new things.

As a musician I've done just that. I've been performing in venues across London, Essex and Kent for 20 years (Alongside a retail job).

I've always enjoyed photography as a hobby but was more of a point and shoot guy. My wife got me my first “real” camera as a wedding gift (which I still use) and this opened the doors to what I could achieve with photography.

I realised that I have a great eye for detail and because of this I see art everywhere I go. I love the freedom photography brings and the moments which are there for me to capture.

I especially enjoy taking photos of people, animals and landscapes. Documenting true expressions and emotions in people and animals is an amazing feeling. When done right a landscape should be able to pull you into and submerge you in it’s surrounding.

One thing I do like about photography is I am always learning. Whether it’s a new technique, equipment or editing process there’s always something new.

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